Visesh Infotecnics is a fast growing company committed to providing reliable and cost-effective software solutions to organizations the world over. Emphasis on quality, world class human resource and leading edge solutions drive our commitment. Visesh has a state-of-the-art software evelopment facility at Bangalore, India. The facility recruits and nurtures software talent through rigorous training programs. The software development processes at Visesh conform to ISO 9001 Standards. We constantly enhance our quality standards to be on par with the best in the world. With a successful track record of serving the most demanding customers Visesh can bring you the benefits of working with a partner with software skills, project management expertise and domain knowledge.

Visesh's Businessoft automates critical functions of your organization. With Businessoft, organizations of all sizes can deploy enterprise wide applications that are modular, scalable and reliable. It makes data available across the enterprise to enable better decisions, faster. Visesh's Businessoft enables better return on investment through cost-effective and faster deployment capability. It can be deployed progressively based upon organizational suitability. Businessoft- a result of more than 300 person years of effort, is a time tested and proven solution across a variety of businesses, in India and the world over.

Businessoft is widely deployed in the Service, Pharmaceutical, Discrete Manufacturing, Chemical and Trading companies.Rich in functionality, Businessoft is powered by Visual Basic at front-end and Oracle at the backend. Visesh's Businessoft applies the power of information technology to your business issues. l To drive your business processes with greater efficiency, accuracy and predictability l To maintain your competitive edge l To realize the full potential of your enterprise's capabilities. And unlock the real value of your business processes. Visesh Businessoft builds on the winning parameters of your processes and the best industry practices. Visesh's Businessoft is implemented by Visesh professionals who work with you closely, like a part of your team, with expertise spanning industry segments, technologies and development tools.

A Brief Description Of Business Modules

  • Financial
  • Fixed Assets
  • Business
  • Excise
  • Material Requirment Planning (MRP I)
  • Material Resource Planning (MRP II)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Human REsource Managment With Payroll

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